Protect any iPhone or Android new, used and refurbished.

  • Cracked Screens

  • Spills & Liquid Damages

  • Accidental Damages (like drops)

  • Parts and Battery Breakdown

  • Theft

  • Vandalism

  • Theft from car break-ins

  • and more!


Phone Only Protection

Protect any phone against damage, breakdowns, and theft

$6 - $12 per month

Protect any phone

$29 - $99 deductibles

Accidental damage

Parts & battery failures


Replacement cost of your phone

Unlimited claims

Save up to 15% paying annually!


"Everything Protected"
The Clarity Protect Powered by AKKO Plan

Protect 1 phone + all your electronic devices and more (25 items total)

$15 per month

Protect 1 phone + 25 items

$29 - $99 deductibles

Accidental damage

Phone parts & battery failures


Up to $2,000 per claim

Unlimited claims

Students save up to 33%!

Quick registration

Choose our phone-only  Protected or Everything Protected ” Clarity Protect Powered by AKKO Plan by visiting a local store or calling 1-877-870-8901 or sign up online today.

Full protection

Input your items’ info and snap a few photos. Done! Now they’re fully protected. Then simply add/remove items anytime you get new stuff.

Easy repairs & replacements

Get repairs done quick – often same day for phones! We pay the store or can pay you by PayPal immediately upon claim approval.

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