Mobile Hotspot

Connect Your Devices the Clarity Way!

Introducing Mobile Hotspot from Clarity Wireless. Now your hotspot-capable devices—including laptops and tablets—can tap into your Clarity phone’s data signal as if it were a Wi-Fi signal! Get online anywhere you access the Clarity network—anytime you want!


No-Wi-Fi? No Problem!

This feature is a great addition to all Clarity plans, especially those with a generous amount of data since you can now enjoy streaming your favorite music, movies, and games on all your hotspot-capable devices wherever you are! Get the most out of your plan the Clarity way—with Mobile Hotspot!


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Mobile Hotspot is allowed on all plans. Mobile Hotspot requires a capable device and is only available in areas where Clarity Wireless has high-speed coverage. 4G LTE data will be counted against your 4G LTE data allotment.