Clarity Wireless 6-24/month phone payment program makes it easy for you to get the latest and greatest cell phone technology without the heavy upfront cost. Plus, your phone is eligible to upgrade after just 15 months. That’s right. Trade-in your current phone for the one that’s the next big deal before your current device is paid in full.


*Credit check is required for new customers. Results of credit check may require a down payment on the new device and/or possible monthly service fee.


Take advantage of our 3-6 month payment option for a variety of other products including tablets, watches, and other data devices. Select accessories ($99.99 and above) are also eligible for a 3-6-month payment plan (available in-store only). Just one more way Clarity Wireless helps you get the device you want at a more affordable price.

1A device is considered in “Working” condition if:

  • It powers on and off without issue and has no signs of battery swelling

  • It is free of physical damage (broken, cracked, or malfunctioning screen; cracks, dents, or severe scratches to housing; malfunctioning or missing buttons)

  • It has no signs of water damage

  • The camera lens is intact and free of cracks or other damage

Devices must also have the activation lock (Find My iPhone on Apple and Google Lock on Android) turned off.

2Device financing customers agree to pay for the selected wireless device in 24 monthly payments and, if continuing service with Clarity Wireless, may be eligible to exchange that device after the first half of the applicable Payment Period in accordance with plan terms and conditions. The customer must pay the full outstanding price of the selected wireless device immediately upon service termination. Sales tax, activation fee, and monthly finance charge may apply. Limited time offer. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Automatic payment must be enrolled on new accounts. Does not apply to prior purchases. Valid only on select products and service plans. Other restrictions apply, call 1-877-870-8901, log on to, or visit your nearest Clarity Wireless location for details. ©Clarity Wireless TX. All rights reserved.