Clarity Privacy Shield

Stop scam with scam likely protection


Stop Robocalls with Clarity Privacy Shield

But let’s get to the features:

 Scam Likely Protection - We update our database EVERY. SIX. MINUTES. By the time you’ve watched a few TikToks, we’ve refreshed all of our data with the most accurate information to ensure you’re protected against scammers, spammers, and fraudulent callers.

 Enhanced Caller ID** - Never wonder who’s calling again! We’ll identify incoming calls with a Name, Category, even an Enhanced Image and Logo when available.

 Visual Voicemail** - Clarity Privacy Shield provides in-app Visual Voicemail. Easily Play/Pause, Share, Search, and receive additional caller information on new voicemails - right inside of the app.

 Reverse Number Lookup - Lookup any number. Go ahead, try it. Clarity Privacy Shield will display the owner of the number and an associated call category, if available.

 Block By Category - Block telemarketers, account services, shady politicians - even your ex.

 Prevent Callers from Leaving Voicemails** - Block calls and prevent new voicemails, or block calls and send them straight to voicemail. Your phone, your choice.

 Notifications** - We’ll shoot you a notification when calls are blocked, sent to voicemail, even when you have new voicemails.

 Report Callers - File a report against abusive callers directly from the app! We’ll send those reports to the FTC, and they’ll put them on a bad guys list.


Custom Call Blocking - Add any number to your blocklist. Seriously, any of them.

 Category ID - Displays the Call Category of the incoming call, if available.

 Protect Privacy - Your contact list? Not our business. We only use your contacts to help your incoming call experience - your contacts stay where they belong, on your phone